KYB-UMW Malaysia has introduced its Pro-X series shock absorbers which promises higher level of handling performance, ride stability and safety.



Pro-X, which is the abbreviation of “Product Extreme,” is designed, developed and produced locally. The premium shock absorber comes with a gold-coloured sub-tank and red or yellow coils springs to add a stylish appearance to motorcycles and scooters. Designed for the rear suspension, Pro-X shock absorbers also increase the rear height slightly to reduce tail sagging.

Pro-X shock absorbers with external sub-tanks are designed to contain 50% more oil than regular shock absorbers and this helps in reducing heat build-up during long distance or extreme riding for consistent damping performance. The sub-tank also has an internal bladder system to ensure smooth damping action. The combination of higher damping force and spring rate set in Pro-X shock absorbers results in better ride comfort, dynamic performance and enhanced tyre traction control. This combination also allows riders to achieve improved stability on uneven roads and during cornering at high speeds. At the moment, the Pro-X shock absorbers are available for the Yamaha Lagenda and NVX 155 models. Pro-X series for the Honda Wave and EX5, as well as the Yamaha RXZ and Nouvo models will be produced by the end of the year.



“Pro-X is a new product targeted at motorcycle enthusiasts who want high performance shock absorbers that are stylish and fit their personality,” said KYB-UMW Malaysia managing director Iwao Mizuno at the launch of Pro-X at its factory here. He also said that Pro-X shock absorbers are made with high grade materials and advanced oil filling technology from KYB Japan are used to eliminate air bubbles from being trapped in the oil chamber during production. A single unit of the Pro-X shock absorber costs around RM200. Pro-X shock absorbers are available in spare part shops nationwide.