KYB-UMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd's roadshow will be making its rounds in several towns in Peninsular Malaysia to explain the importance of the car's suspension system. At a recent stopover in Sungai Buloh, KYB customers, retailers and workshop operators were educated on the latest KYB suspension kit which was developed to improve vehicle handling and stability. Customers who bought KYB shock absorbers should combine them with KYB suspension kit comprising coil springs, strut mounts and bump stoppers to optimise vehicle performance.



To prove the effectiveness of its new suspension kit with shock absorber combination, KYB provided three Perodua Myvis with different set-ups. The first was fitted with KYB shock absorbers with KYB suspension kit while the second used KYB shock absorbers but had worn out suspension. The third came with worn out absorbers and suspension.

The first Myvi had the best handling, drivability and ride comfort compared with the second while the third was the worst with a twitchy ride. KYB said shock absorbers would wear out during their service life and recommended that absorbers be replaced every 50,000km or two years, whichever comes first. The company also recommended that the strut mount, bump stopper and dust cover should be replaced with every shock absorber change. The coil springs, meanwhile, should be replaced with every two changes of the shock absorbers. — EDDIE GOH



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