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Q. Does KYB practice Double Action Technology ?
A. Yes, to control the damping force erection activity (Compression and Extension Force). In fact all cars’ shock absorbers are Double Action Technology.

Q. What does it mean by Oil Type Shock Absorbers ?
A. Hydraulics oil is kept in, dirt is kept out by a multi-lip seal.

Q. What does it mean by Gas Type Shock Absorbers ?
A. Oil and gas are pressurized (N2), inert gas.
Function of N2 gas is to reduce foaming and aeration dramatically for better performance.

Q. What is KYB’s advantage ?
A. 1) Excellent constant Damping Control Performance.
2) Compression valve self-adjust for fast recovery.
3) Less friction and longer life is the result of a hard chromed piston rod.
4) Sintered iron piston adds strength.

Q. What is the best adjustment setting for shock absorbers ?
A. There is no single best adjustment setting because everyone has different preferences for comfort, performance modifications and road to drive on.

Q. How long does a shock absorber last ?
A. It is recommended that they should be inspected once a year or 19, 000 KM.

The factors that affect the life of a shock absorber are type of road condition, driving habits, loading of the vehicle, tire/wheel modifications and general mechanical modification condition of the suspension. So, the best should be custom made.

Replacement of shock absorbers is recommended after 50,000 KM.


Q. What are the best springs to match with shock absorbers ?
A. Recommended to use OE or Genuine spring. Because the specification is tested by car maker to get good R&H (Ride & Handling).

Q. Can I cut the spring to lower the car ?
A. Cutting the spring is not advisable because the suspension structure will go off alignment. Spring become harder which will not match with the shock absorbers damping force.

Q. Why does my vehicle still make “clunking noises” even though my shock absorbers are new ?
A. If noise is present with new shock absorbers, check that the mountings are tightened securely and look for other worn suspension parts. Upper bearing plate need to be inspected and replace if necessary.

Q. Can I use other model of shock absorbers for my car ?
A. This is not recommended because different vehicle has different spec or damping force (performance)of shock absorbers.