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Vendor Development Programmes

An important area which KYB-UMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd has been consistently pursuing and one which we will continue to do so with greater effort.

By incorporating the latest development and assistance from KYB Corporation in KYB-UMW Malaysia¬í’s Vendor Development Programme, the company will be specialized enough to be globally competitive in the near future.

Intensive Overseas Training

Personnel from various departments are sent to Japan annually with varying lengths of stay, ranging from 1 week to 6 months.

This enables them to upgrade their knowledge, improve discipline and increase communication abilities, thereby enhancing our commitment to better serve our Malaysian and overseas customers.

Contributing Towards Society To Achieve Greater Goals

KYB-UMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd recognizes that the greatest asset of the company is our people. Recreational, welfare and counseling activities for personnel are organized throughout the year. Taking part in local, district, state and national level activities can help contribute towards a healthy and balanced society.