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KYB’s Logo

Our logo indicates warm sunshine, plant’s’ growth, image to catch the wind of trend. A design to symbolize an idea of hydraulics is put into the letter B. Italic letters represent speed, advancement, growth and innovation.

Red means affection, passion, eagerness to achieve. An image to explore the new era from red warm sunshine, passion and power to grow life. This red color will be called “KYB Red”.

The Pioneers In Globalisation

As the information age advances further, KYB-UMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd strongly believes in capitalizing on the latest technology to further strengthen the company’s position in the globalised market. As we prepare for more challenging years ahead, we will continue to strive to create products of the highest quality that adhere to the social and environmental developments of Malaysia, based on our corporate philosophy.

Corporate Philosophy

Creativity – Through intensive research and development, we are constantly searching for originality and innovative methods to improve our products and services.

Vitality – We are constantly developing a healthier corporate culture boosting with vitality, through our personnel training as well as non-corporate activities.

Harmony – We always ensure that the people’’s needs are well met in promoting a healthier and harmonious community.

Building a Vision

KYB-UMW Malaysia’s Corporate Policies

KYB-UMW Malaysia would like to maintain a consistent growth as Malaysia’’s leading manufacturer in high quality Shock Absorbers and Steering Pumps that meet customer’s requirements. As such, our corporate policies are :-

– To ensure that all contract requirements and regulations are met and justified by objective evidence.
– To be socially responsible in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of all management systems based on the quality standards of QS 9000, TS 16949, environment – system of the ISO14001 and Occupational Safety & Health management system, OHSAS.
– Always complying with and seeking to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
– To actively expand and enhance staff involvement in all aspects relating to quality towards greater customer satisfaction.